How to Hang Wall Art

You've just picked out a fabulous piece of wall art from Gallery 57.  GREAT!   Now we need to get it in just the perfect spot in your home.  Follow these easy tips to make sure your new art piece wows your walls.

1What material are you hanging this piece on?   Gallery 57 items are lightweight and ready to hang on most residential walls.  However, if your walls are made of another material (brick, tile, stone), you will want to research the best way to get nail into your wall.

2.  Measure your space  Make sure your wall art piece will fit properly where you would like it to hang.  Measure your piece both vertically and horizontally to ensure you have a good fit.  If you want to center your piece above a piece of furniture, find the center point and mark it lightly with a pencil 

3.  How high up should you hang your art?  This depends on your personal preference.  A common mistake is to hang your art too high up.  If your art is on a wall, you should try to make it eye level.  Hanging your art piece above a sofa?  The general rule is to have the bottom of your art piece sit 6 inches above the top of your sofa.

4.  Have fun with it!  Adding a new piece of art to your home can make a statement.  Put your own flair on where you hang your piece.  Trying to refresh an old look?  Moving different art pieces in different rooms can totally change a rooms aesthetic!